Burnfoot pharmacy would be ‘fantastic’

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I am writing this in support of the proposal for a new pharmacy at Burnfoot shops, which I feel would be fantastic for a lot of people on the estate.

One advantage would be that there are plenty of parking spaces at the shops, unlike the pharmacies in Hawick. Also, for the Burnfoot residents without a car, a new pharmacy would save them having to wait for a bus both ways or having to walk into town.

I note that Councillor Stuart Marshall was quoted in your paper as saying “Crosby’s Chemist provides a brilliant service to the people of Burnfoot” and that “they deliver any time of the day”. This may or may not be the case, but not every item or service provided by a pharmacy can be delivered, and people often have to attend in person for their requirements. A new facility in Burnfoot would address this issue.

Also, the proposed new pharmacy may very well deliver any time of the day, too, so Mr Marshall’s delivery argument is completely irrelevant.

Has Councillor Marshall forgotten that has been elected to represent the views of the constituents of Burnfoot and not his own views when he stated : “I have made my viewson this [the pharmacy proposal] clear?”

And why is he specifically praising Crosby’s, rather than supporting all pharmacy providers in Hawick as well?

I am old enough to remember when Crosby’s operated a chemist’s/pharmacy at Burnfoot shops (where the Post Office is now), before they relocated some distance away right across the street from the former doctors’ surgery in Bridge Street – a decision which didn’t exactly have people saying that Crosby’s were “providing a brilliant service to the people of Burnfoot”.

I feel it would be “brilliant” for Burnfoot residents to regain a local pharmacy after all these years since Crosby’s relocated away from the estate.