‘Best interests of town at heart’

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In response to last week’s letter from B. Scott (‘Aldi approval would spark pay-offs at rivals’), was the letter writer male or female, who knows?

As for the editor being selective as to which letters are printed, maybe B. Scott should have missed the cut during the selection process as he or she appears to have forgotten their first name.

I have nothing whatsoever to do with the developer, which was a very cynical assertion, and I have nothing but the best interests of our town at heart, so please don’t accuse me of being “breathtakingly naive” as you did in your presumptuous letter.

You seem to have all the answers, so I challenge you, B. Scott, instead of having a go at someone who has dedicated nearly all of their adult life to Hawick, to offer proactive alternatives instead of the negative comments towards a letter in which I was trying to find positives.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to one and all.

Greg McLeod