Astonishing statement about suspended councillor

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Further to last week’s Talking Point column, ‘Should Councillor Cranston be paid while he is suspended?” – I am sure I wasn’t the only reader left scratching their head at the response from former town councillor John Rudkin, who “honestly and truthfully” didn’t think Mr Cranston had “done much wrong at all”.

An astonishing statement and one which left me asking myself if Mr Rudkin had taken leave of his senses.

If he cannot see “much wrong” in Mr Cranston breaching the councillors’ code of conduct by failing to declare an interest during the council’s vote on the green waste collections in December, then we should all be breathing a collective sigh of relief that Mr Rudkin is no longer an elected member.

One really does shudder to think what is and isn’t acceptable in the world according to Mr Rudkin, and his alarming appraisal of Mr Cranston’s wrongdoing merely confirms this.

The code of conduct is there for a reason, and any breach should be dealt with in the strongest possible terms.

Name and address withheld by request