Almstrong’s plan to boost High Street

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I’ve never written to a newspaper before, but I feel so sad about the state our High Street is currently in, and have been thinking what might be done to make things better.

I have an idea which I think would really improve the High Street – perhaps even using the £30,000, or part of it, already earmarked for improvements to the area.

My idea, and I know it wouldn’t be without initial problems and costs, is to demolish the eyesore that is the former Almstrong’s store in Oliver Crescent. This would open up that entire area and enable the High Street to be connected to Teviot Crescent by means of a large pedestrianised area.

This could be attractively landscaped with places to sit and would link the shops at the Horse end of the High Street to the stores in Commercial Road and vice-versa. (In a way it could be like the walkway at the Round Close but on a far bigger scale).

The ‘Wee Haugh’ is such an attractive grassy area with its playpark and close proximity to the river.

It would have to be well signposted, of course, but hopefully this would then encourage visitors to the town to explore just a bit more, and also improve the entire area.

Sheena Gillespie