Almost-certain Yes vote has become definite No

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I ATTENDED the meeting at 
Hawick High School on August 21 held by Alex Salmond and his cabinet.

On each chair there was a 
query form so that if you didn’t get to ask a question on the day, you could complete this form and you would receive a response by mail, and I wonder if any other readers have, like me, not had a response.

I completed the form with my question which was, if an independent Scotland could only stay in/join the EU if they accepted the euro as their currency, what would the SNP position on this be?

No-one responded, so on 
October 12 I sent an e-mail to 
the Scottish government, and on October 15 I received an e-mail from Niamh Burns in the Correspondence Unit advising me “a reply will be sent to you as soon as possible”.

Well, I’m still waiting!

Of course, it might be the fact that in my e-mail I stated that I didn’t want any political gobbledygook but rather a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and of course we all know that a yes or no answer is a rather difficult ask of politicians!

I was 99.9% ready to vote Yes in next year’s referendum, but the thought of having the euro as opposed to sterling has made me, instead of going with my heart, thinking a bit more about the consequences of independence and I am now 100% committed to voting No.

The phrase ‘better the devil you know...’ never held so much meaning for me as it does now.