Aldi approval would spark pay-offs at rivals

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Further to last week’s letter in support of proposals for a new Aldi store in Commercial Road, am I correct in presuming the writer, Greg McLeod, is in the employ of the developer behind the plans? Or is he just being breathtakingly naive? If it is the former, perhaps you, as editor, should be more selective in the letters you deem fit to publish.

Mr McLeod’s assertion about the creation of jobs is more than slightly skewed. Yes, Aldi will create employment, but only at the expense of its rivals already in the town who will be forced to cut their cloth accordingly. Morrisons’ Mart Street branch is to begin shedding staff early in the New Year, and the arrival of Aldi will only hasten more job losses at other local shops.

Also, with regards to Mr McLeod’s comment that the “one positive” of a new Aldi supermarket would be the removal of an eyesore from this area of the town, is it not a scandalously high price to pay to have an aesthetically pleasing Commercial Road, while yet more local businesses could quite conceivably go to the wall should the Aldi bid be given the go-ahead?

B. Scott