120 bus axe: SBC told to think again

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I have recently learned of the very real possibility that Scottish Borders Council could be about to cut the 120 bus service that runs between Hawick and Kelso via Denholm and Jedburgh. I don’t live in the Borders but I regularly visit relatives and friends who do. And as I’m a pensioner and don’t have my own transport, the 120 bus is essential for me to travel around the region.

If this proposal goes through it will make it impossible for me to visit. I am not one of the so-callled rich pensioners we keep being told about in the press and I don’t know anyone who is. But I spend money in Borders shops, restaurants, museums and art galleries etc. when I visit – and there must be many others like me.

This proposal is very shortsighted. The council is supposed to be trying to grow tourism in the Borders but I think it will have the opposite effect, discouraging people from visiting what is a very beautiful part of Scotland.

It will also mean that people on low incomes in these towns and villages will be cut off to a great extent any form of public transport and will have to seriously think ab out moving to areas where there are decent transport links.

Scottish Borders Council, think again!

K. Cassells


Being no longer able to drive, I chose to live in Denholm as there was a good bus service. Should the 120 bus go, then I’d have to go, too. Denholm and other areas between the Hawick, Jedburgh and Kelso will be left isolated.

As for the tourist train, Galashiels to Hawick X95 bus, Hawick to rest of Borders – this makes no sense.

And taxis are not an option for most pensioners or our many low-paid workers who depend on the bus.

Scottish Borders Council, think again.

Chris Nichol