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It was disappointing to read the comments by “SD” in last the Hawick News letters page (July 19) concerning Wilton Park, and I can only assume that the vast amount of work put into this project by councillors and the community in recent years has passed him or her by.

For information, Wilton Lodge Park is about to undergo a £3 million upgrade. In these economic times it has not been easy for the Hawick councillors to promote such a project but with the help of such groups as the Friends of Wilton Park, success has been achieved. Because of funding arrangements, the project can only be delivered in five yearly phases, but it will happen.

The project will revitalise the park, encourage visitors from home and away, provide employment, and give Hawick an attraction to be proud of. Most of the suggestions for revitalisation (including the bandstand) came from the public survey which generated a great response and with proposals for a new cafeteria, access bridge, play park, learning programmes, and the like, the park can look forward to a rosy future.

I can only assume that “SD” did not attend last year’s public exhibition of the plans. Had he or she done so, they would have perhaps appreciated the efforts which were being made on the town’s behalf.

There are exciting times ahead for that particular area of the town with the Volunteer Park Sports Initiative and the Bill McLaren Sports Facility running in tandem with the Park project. There has already been a lengthy and committed consultation period, and Hawick will reap the benefit in the long term, so let’s not start knocking the project just as it gets off the ground.

Cllr Zandra Elliot