Wilton Hill sewage survey

Councillor Stuart Marshall.
Councillor Stuart Marshall.

Scottish Water is to continue its investigation into ongoing sewage spill problems at Wilton Hill on Sunday.

The water company has conducted a partial survey of drains and has removed a considerable amount of debris from the sewer which has resulted in no further discharge of human waste onto the street.

The Hawick News first reported the issue several months ago but it came to a head recently when locals were having to contend with the foul-smelling mess after each rainfall.

Welcoming the news that Scottish Water is returning to complete the survey, Councillor Stuart Marshall said: “Early indications suggest that this problem may be resolved.

“However, I do think that we really have to wait and see how these drains cope with future heavy downpours
and, of course, the outcome of further investigations
that are scheduled to be
carried out this week-

A Scottish Water spokesperson said:“The responsibility for flooding and drainage systems is shared across a number of responsible authorities in Scotland, including local authorities.

“Hawick has been identified as a surface water management planning priority area, and we are working to support the development of plans for Hawick.”