Where to be and when this weekend

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The timetable for Thursday, Friday and Saturday is as follows:

Common Riding Thursday, June 9

6.00am – Muster in Backdamgate and ride by Towerdykeside to St Leonard’s.

8.15am – Remount and proceed to racecourse, then homeby Crumhaughhill.

9.00am – Marshall at top of Loan, then ride by way of High Street and Wilton to dismiss at Town Hall.

6.00pm – Halberdiers and Drum and Fife band set off from Kirk Wynd to signal the start of the Common Riding.

7.00pm – Colour Bussing in the Town Hall.

8.15pm – Proclamation from Burgh Cross.

8.20pm (approx) – Cornet ties ribbons on the 1514 Memorial.

8.30pm (approx) – Cornet’s walk around the Burgh concludes with the tying of ribbons on the 2014 commemorative statue.

All followers and members of the public are invited to join the walk around the Burgh.

Common Riding Friday, June 10

6.00am – Halberdiers and Drum and Fife band set off from Kirk Wynd to “rouse the population”.

6.15am – Snuffin’ by the site of Auld Brig.

7.00am – Cornet’s Breakfast in Brodies, 8 High Street.

8.20am – Cornet walks from Town Hall to Tower Knowe with the Flag.

8.25am – Sing Old Song, in full, at front door of the Tower.

8.30am – Muster in Backdamgate. (Horses should be sent forward ready to ride from Towerdykeside).

8.45am – Procession round Wilton. Cornet and followers ride through archway from Lovel Court and proceed via Sandbed to Wilton.

9.00am – Main procession from Central Square along High Street, on way to Moor.

9.25am – Cornet’s Acting Father’s Chase for married supporters, followed by the Cornet’s Chase for unmarried followers (observe code of conduct for chase protocol).

9.40am – Arrive at St Leonard’s. Cornet displays Flag in front of farmhouse then enters the Hut for Curds and Cream repast.

11.00am – Leave the Hut and proceed to the front of St Leonards Farmhouse for singing of Teribus. Riders to their horses.

11.15am – Cornet and equestrian supporters leave St Leonard’s to ride the outlying marches. Motor vehicles proceed direct to the racecourse.

11.50am (approx) – Cutting of the Sod at the extremity of the marches.

Noon – Primary Schools “Roond the Mair” relay race for the 1514 Club American Cup.

12.15pm – Car boards lifted from race track. No entry to centre of course.

Common Riding Saturday, June 11

Sunrise – Visit the Mote. In accordance with ancient custom, the Principals sing Teribus on the summit. Return to Tower Knowe to dance the Reel then dismiss.

9.30am – Muster in Backdamgate. Ride from Towerdykeside to Wilton Lodge. Cornet, right- and left-hand men and Acting Father sing Teribus at the end of the Avenue. Proceed to Museum. Cornet and party then lay wreaths at the War Memorial, overseen by committee. Cornet and mounted supporters proceed via Princes Street and Dovemount to central square.

10.00am – Leave central square, proceed via High Street, Loan, Rosebank, Dukes Wood, Flex Farm, Wulliestruther and Pilmuir.

11.00am – Car boards lifted from race track. No entry to centre of course.

11.15am – Cornet and equestrian supporters arrive at racecourse. The Cornet leads the cavalcade past the winning post ... no horse stopping until rising the hill. The “Big Four” and all mounted supporters ride into paddock and dismount. Cornet displays Flag above the committee rooms.

Noon – Races begin with J.E.D. Murray Trophy.

3.00pm (approx) – Immediately after last race and no later than 3.00pm, Cornet and equestrian supporters leave the racecourse and proceed by way of Crumhaughhill, Loan, High Street to Town Hall.

3.30pm – Cornet returns Flag to Hon. Provost Council and invited guests. The Flag is then displayed for the last time from the balcony while the Saxhorn Band play Invocation. Dismiss horses.

NB: Equestrian supporters on Friday and Saturday are prohibited from leaving the course until one hour after the first race in keeping with health and safety regulations.