Wheelhouse airs his hopes that visit will inspire MSPs

Hawick MSP Paul Wheelhouse visits Stirches Primary School
Hawick MSP Paul Wheelhouse visits Stirches Primary School

THE man who helped bring the first ever Parliament Day to Hawick is hoping his fellow politicians will be inspired by the area.

Local MSP Paul Wheelhouse suggested the town as the venue for this week’s visit of the finance committee.

Mr Wheelhouse, who was at Stirches Primary School as part of the event, believed it was a perfect opportunity to highlight the economic issues facing Hawick.

He said: “We have a vast wealth of skills and heritage in Hawick, yet no-one is blind to the fact that Hawick is not the thriving town it once was.

“The Scottish Parliament finance committee is arguably the most important committee of the parliament and is at the forefront of the economic agenda in Scotland at a critical time for our public finances.

“It was important the committee was able to see for itself the potential of our rural towns and the challenges they face, and hopefully the impact the visit will have had will be long lasting in terms of ensuring Hawick is at the forefront of committee members’ minds when advising parliament on the direction of economic policy in public finance.”

And he hopes the spotlight on the town will leave a lasting impression on other departments at Holyrood.

Mr Wheelhouse added: “I hope other MSPs and members of committees such as the energy, economy and tourism committee are also able to look to Hawick and the wider Borders area for inspiration and ideas when it comes to considering how to move the country forward.”