‘What a difference’ after Hornshole tidy-up

Bright-eyed Daughters' benches presentation
Bright-eyed Daughters' benches presentation

THE Bright-Eyed Daughters organisation is embarking on a project to landscape Hornshole.

The group had already been granted approval and removed conifers which surrounded the monument, and on Sunday around 30 members and volunteers rolled their sleeves up to further tidy the special site.

Founder member Lesley Fraser (pictured) said: “As an association we have undertaken the upgrading and improvement to the landscape at Hornshole. On Sunday we picked up a lot of moss and leaves, trimmed the hedge and weeded the path, and then put out two new planters, one on each side, as well as planting five hydrangeas on the banking. What a difference already.”

And as announced at last week’s Bright-Eyed Daughter’s dinner, to mark Ex-Cornet’s Lass Gael Nuttall’s silver jubilee year, her mum Eleanor has donated an oak tree which was also planted on Sunday.

Lesley added: “Plans are under way to design the planting in such a way that colour and variety can be enjoyed all year round, with added blue and yellow bedding plants for the official ceremonies at the Common-Riding. We’re hoping to have the area well established in preparation for the quincentennial celebration in 2014.”