Weensland Road teen’s ‘extremely stupid act could have put lives at risk’

People screamed when confronted by a huge ball of fire after a 16-year-old ignited an aerosol can inside a Laing Terrace home.

Jack Stirrat had been drinking with relatives and friends on a Saturday afternoon when he asked if they wanted to “see something”. The teenager took a can of deodorant and ignited it, causing a “huge ball of fire” in the living room.

“He kicked the can, which went across the carpet, burning it,” explained procurator fiscal Morag McLintock.

She said people screamed and the emergency services were contacted.

Stiratt threw some money, saying he would pay for the damage, before leaving.

The accused, of Weensland Road, admitted culpably and recklessly igniting, dropping, and kicking a burning aerosol at a house in Laing Terrace, on October 23, exposing people to injury and burning the carpet.

Defence lawyer Matt Patrick said his client realised what he had done was extremely stupid.

“He didn’t think it through,” said Mr Patrick, “then panicked and ran out of the house.”

Stirrat, a first offender, was described as a very personable young man.

“The damage is estimated at £140 and he has been repaying his friend’s grandmother regularly, having paid £85 so far,” explained Mr Patrick.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond deferred sentence until February 3 for a social enquiry report, telling Stirrat: “You are a young man who did something extremely silly which could have put lives at risk.

“You are highly spoken of and have never previously been in trouble of any kind.”