Weekend yobs wreak havoc as flower boxes targeted

Compost from the overturned plant box is strewn across the pavement outside Jim Hay Estate Agents
Compost from the overturned plant box is strewn across the pavement outside Jim Hay Estate Agents

VANDALS have once again targeted flower planters on the High Street.

And after weeks of similar attacks, Hawick in Bloom chairperson Lorraine Wilson admitted she “could have burst out crying” at the latest incident.

The culprits upended the display outside Jim Hay Estate Agents some time on Saturday night into Sunday morning, spilling plants and compost all over the pavement.

Mrs Wilson, who cleaned up the mess with husband Ian, said: “It’s absolutely soul-destroying and it’s been every week for the past four or five weeks. The people responsible obviously don’t care about anything. There’s a lot of good people put a lot of work into trying to brighten up the town and this is the thanks they get.”

There are 17 planters at various points from the Station Bridge along to the end of the High Street, which were funded through a variety of sources including a coffee morning which raised over £200.

While others have been targeted in the past – and even boxes and plants thrown in the river – the most recent arrivals outside Superdrug, Jim Hay Estate Agents and La Gems are currently bearing the brunt of the attacks.

Mr Hay revealed he has often been forced to sweep up the mess of strewn compost from outside his shop, while he said chips and spit on the window on a Monday morning were all too common sights.

“It was a certainty [the plant box being tipped over]. The minds of some people we have in this town makes it very difficult to present Hawick in a good order, especially if there is going to be carnage every Friday and Saturday night,” he said.

“These people [Hawick in Bloom] are doing their best to brighten up the town, although I must admit I had reservations as soon as I saw the boxes going down and I predicted that, in a couple of weeks, they would be all over the street.”

The box outside Superdrug was filled with leftover kebabs and litter, while the metal barrier at the former Teviot Flooring shop was bashed in.

Police inspector Paula Clark admitted the acts of vandalism were “completely unacceptable”.

She said: “We will be carrying out enquiries to find those responsible. A lot of work is being put in to make the town look nice and these mindless people are destroying it.”

Anyone with information on who is causing the vandalism is urged to contact the police station on 375051 or Cimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.