Weeds are an ‘absolute disgrace’ says councillor

COUNCILLOR Davie Paterson is furious over the amount of weeds around Hawick’s streets and pavements.

The Hawick & Hermitage member says he was swamped with complaints on Sunday during his walk around his ward.

He told the Hawick News: “It’s the worst I have ever seen it, it’s an absolute disgrace,”

Mr Paterson says he has complained to Scottish Borders Council several times, and blames the administration for cutting back on seasonal grass cutters. But Jason Hedley, SB Local neighbourhood manager stated: “The legislation changed to stop the use of residual weedkillers. With this in mind we can only use a contact herbicide, which means weeds have to be growing in order for us to kill them.”

Mr Hedley revealed weeds are treated twice a year, but that wet weather can impact on its success. In relation to Hawick, he added: “The second application in Hawick was completed on Monday – so the weeds will decline, subject to weather, over the next couple of weeks.”

Anyone with concerns about a specific area should contact 0300 100 1800.