Wee Stories set for new chapter at Tower Mill

AWARD-WINNING Scottish children’s theatre company - Wee Stories - are touring the South of Scotland with their entrancing show The Sun, the Moon and a Boy called River. They will perform at the Town Hall in Hawick on Wednesday 27 June at 7pm.

Described as a show that is ‘fated to be a hit with young audiences and families wherever it tours’ it tells the story of two babies, born at exactly the same moment, under the same moon, one born a princess in a palace, the other the son of a poor woodcutter. A prophecy foretells they will marry, but the evil King will stop at nothing to prevent his daughter from marrying a commoner. It is a tale of good against evil and an unattainable quest with many surprises along the way.

“One of our aims, as well as creating child-friendly theatre that will appeal to all generations, is to reach the widest possible audience geographically” said Iain Johnstone, Wee Stories’ Artistic Director. “That’s why we’re so pleased that Creative Scotland, Dumfries & Galloway Council and Scottish Borders Council have given us the funding to reach destinations as far apart as Stranraer on the West Coast to Coldingham in the East and to perform in numerous village halls and small community venues throughout the South of Scotland.”

The show’s two performers, Iain Johnstone and Tommy Mullins swiftly swap costumes and play a variety of different roles between them, all done with Wee Stories’ trademark wit, ingenuity and humour. This combined with evocative live music by Jennifer Port and a lovingly-crafted set by Claire Halleran ensure that The Sun, the Moon and a Boy Called River promises to be a magical night out for the whole family.

For full details of dates, times and venues log on to www.weestoriestheatre.org or tel. 0131 221 0606.