We’ve had fill of petrol prices

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HERE, HERE to Mr Stuart Patterson (Hawick News, December 17) concerning petrol prices in Hawick.

I am retired now and regularly shop in Morrisons in Hawick. I am also in Carlisle on a regular basis to visit family and sometimes shop at Morrisons there, and have found the petrol there is always 3-4p cheaper than in Hawick.

I got so enraged at this one week I wrote to the manager at Hawick asking for an explanation; I am still waiting for an answer.

Perhaps if more of us complained we might make a difference, but I don’t hold much hope. The answer could be to shop at Asda’s in Galashiels.


AS dog owners, a few days out of Hawick were not wasted.

Over the new year we stayed in an area where, judging by the house prices and luxury cars, denoted it to be fairly prosperous.

But on Auld Year’s Night, not one firework was heard, unlike Hawick where supposedly we all live on the bread line, surviving on poor wages or living on benefits, but still have money to literally burn, creating our own Armageddon.

Also the folk had the brains to figure out that dog droppings don’t go away with the thaw, unlike Hawick which resembles a minefield.

Certainly travel can bring home to you that Hawick may not be a poor town, but it’s certainly a dirty one.


ON behalf of the Bright Eyed Daughters, I would like to thank everyone who came to the golf club last week to our ‘Rupert Drive’, a beetle drive with a difference! The evening was very much enjoyed by both young and old, and the excellent sum of £245 was raised to help fund our landscaping project at Hornshole.

Thank you again for your continued support



I’M writing to thank the people of Hawick for their assistance with our work this past Christmas.

Our annual Christmas Fair was postponed due to the weather, but the brave souls who attended spent £1,400. Added to our earlier craft fair in November, this brought the total to £1,860.

In response to our Christmas Present Appeal, we received over 400 gifts, mostly children’s toys. These have been passed on to needy families through Hawick Family Support Centre, Borders Community Addictions Team and the Children’s Ward at Borders General Hospital. Many children will be glad of your generosity this Christmas.

Attendance at the Community Carol Service on Christmas Eve in Hawick Town Hall was also hit by the severe cold weather.

Anthony Mundell was a brave boy who battled with renal cell carcinoma for three years. His parents set up the Anthony Mundell Memorial Fund to support other families with children battling cancer and we were delighted to be able to offer a cheque for £780 – the proceeds of a generous free-will offering – to support the work of this fund in the Borders.

Thank you again to all who have been so generous. I pray you will have a happy and healthy year in 2011.

Captain Steven Turner

The Salvation Army, Hawick Corps

MAY I, on behalf of Hawick Senior Citizens, express sincere thanks and appreciation to the Callants Club, who jointly with Hawick Sings, arranged an excellent St Andrews night in the Burns Club in aid of our Evergreen Hall Refurbishment fund, which realised £600.

Could I also say thank you to all who purchased tickets for our Christmas raffle. The first prize of £100 was won by Pretswell; second prize, food hamper to E. Boyle; third prize, whisky to H. Shaw and many more.

We wish all our members and supporters a very happy and healthy new year.

George Brown