We’re lucky to have the folk behind footballers’ success

as one of many proud parents, I would like to thank everyone who has helped the high school girls’ under-15 football team achieve their dream of becoming Scottish champions. They did themselves and Hawick proud with a tenacious display.

However, like most things, this success has taken years of hard work from selfless individuals such as Drumlanrig school teachers Stuart Hunter and George Crawford, both of whom coached my daughter, Brogan, from primary five. Also high school coach Thomas Clark, and Hawick Youth’s Mick McEwen, Mick Gillan and their fellow coaches.

Hawick should consider itself lucky that there are many individuals willing to give their time to develop our youth.


HEARTY congratulations to the girls’ under-15 football team who won their cup final in such tremendous style.

A large number of the team started playing football with us at primary school and back then it was clear that they were a special, hard-working group. Their current coaches, Thomas Clark and Mick McEwan, deserve great credit for this too. It also speaks volumes for them that two of their number – Brogan Anderson and Carly Noble – returned to Drumlanrig before the match to invite us to come along. All are a credit to their families, their school and the town.


Drumlanrig school

I WAS overwhelmed after reading last week’s Hawick News Talking Point column in which you printed all those nice comments from folk in my ward. Indeed, just on Sunday there one of my constituents told me it was about time that folk said some nice things about me in the papers.

But I must return the thanks to all the folk who have helped me do my constituency work over the years, from Ronnie Pattendan in technical services, Graham Prentice from cleansing, Craig Blackie at SB Local, Andrew Lowe from social work, the community wardens, Bill Elliot from Scottish Water, Jamie Gray from SBHA, and last but by no means least, Michelle Cassidy, also from SBHA, who does a fantastic job in sorting out the many problems that she has to deal with in my ward.


Through your paper I would like to say to the Cornet’s followers to please acknowledge townsfolk’s cheers by giving them a wave. Without these people lending their support to the cavalcade it would be a very dull affair. On several occasions I have seen bairns cheering and getting no response. So come on followers, even if the weather is awful, that’s no excuse. And to the older followers, it’s up to you to encourage the young ones. In years gone by this would never have happened.


May I extend a huge thank you to all the singers and entertainers at last Wednesday night’s 1514 concert in the town hall.

The wealth of talent on show made my job easy and helped make it another very special event. Can I also express my sincere gratitude to everyone who came along. I hope they enjoyed the occasion as much as I did.


1514 Club president

I would like to thank everyone who helped at last Thursday’s junior ride. Special thanks to Sandra Ewart and vet Sarah for judging the best turned-out riders and ponies, and to George and Brenda Robertson for their help. To marshals Keith, Stephen, David and Douglas, and, of course, the girls for getting the Cornet’s horses ready.

Thanks also to Harrow the bakers for supplying the best ever cake, thanks Suzanne. To Morrisons for donating the crisps, It’s Great Outdoors for the juice, Janet at Miller’s for donating prizes for the children, and Richardson & Son for printing the ribbons.

No ride is complete without the support of the Big Four and the Lasses, the mums and dads and members of the public who cheer the children on. Thanks to all of you and I hope those who took part enjoyed themselves. See you next year!


I would like to thank Jason Hedley and his team from the parks department for hosting the first open day at Wilton cemetery recently. Thanks also to staff from the Heritage Hub, police and community wardens, the SB Local squad, and to the public and councillors for attending the event which I believe was a great success.