‘We’re just so pleased to all be home’– triplets’ parents

“WE never get a minute, it is absolutely hectic”, is how new parents Lesley and Stuart Mackenzie describe life since they brought their triplets home.

The couple are slowly adjusting to everyday life with their new baby boys, who were finally discharged from hospital after almost three months. And little Harry, Brady and Alfey have been the talk of the town ever since, the rare sight of three babies all rowed up in the pram making it almost impossible for the couple to make it along the High Street.

But it has certainly been a rollercoaster of emotions for the pair since the 12-week scan.

Lesley, 36,said: “It was a total shock. The doctor went quiet and we thought there was something wrong, then he said there were three babies, and three heartbeats.”

She added: “I couldn’t settle in my pregnancy as it was obviously nerve-wracking, and I was checked every week or two.”

And although Lesley kept well throughout her pregnancy, by week 29 with the early signs of pre-eclampsia and concerns about the smallest baby, the triplets were born by caesarian section in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on May 31.

She commented: “It was scary, but they all came out crying.”

Despite a successful delivery, all three babies went straight into intensive care, and the new parents weren’t allowed to hold them for a week. Lesley spent eight weeks living at the hospital, while Stuart travelled up and down to work.

Stuart, who runs SJM Plasterers, admitted: “It was really hard, and we felt like we weren’t being proper parents.”

Lesley added: “Harry was so little that the smallest nappy had to be laid on him.” But life improved after all three babies were well enough to be transferred to Borders General Hospital, and on Sunday, August 25, the proud parents were finally able to bring their boys home.

And with three bouncy chairs, three moses baskets, three cots, endless loads of washing, and sleepless nights, life in their Mansfield Mills flat is certainly eventful.

But Lesley said: “Getting them all together has been really special, and caring for them properly. Through the night it’s hard, and when they cry they set each other off, but we’re just so pleased to all be home.”