We must all play a part in catching criminals

HUGE strides were taken this week to tackle the problem of organised crime in the town.

Credit to Lothian and Borders Police who approached Wednesday’s raids in a professional and robust manner and left no stone unturned in their search for evidence.

This is what people want to see, police out there stopping criminals.

But huge plaudits must also go to the decent, law-abiding citizens of the town, whose information led the police to the three addresses.

They have sent a clear message and said enough is enough. Teries will no longer put up with those who ‘earn’ their living through crime – whether it be drugs, contraband or any other illegal means.

Operation Cashback is continuing and so too must the valuable part played by the public.

There is no doubt that right-minded people are fed up of the idiots who give our town a bad name.

And there is no doubt that the police are equally fed up.

What this week has proven, though, is that they are listening and are willing to do everything in their power to catch those responsible.

Just like we need the police to maintain law and order, they also need us to help whenever we can.