Warning levels raised on Hawick floods

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SEPA and the Met Office have both raised warning levels in the Scottish Borders.

SEPA issued a Severe Flood Warning for both Hawick and Newcastleton shortly after 4pm. This indicates danger to life and property, widespread flooding and the need for residents in affected areas to evacuate as advised by emergency services.

A further 60-70mm of rain is expected throughout this evening and specifically until 6am tomorrow morning. Following that, on Monday, 20-40mm of rain is expected. Therefore is is expect river levels to be higher than experienced in 2005 in a number of areas.

There are currently 20 flood warnings in place for the Scottish Borders, and an amber warning for wind has been issued, valid from 1400 today until 0200 tomorrow morning.

Police Scotland led the first phase of the evacuation in Hawick last night, and the second stage of the evacuation is in progress as the River Teviot is yet to peak.

This involves those who live in: Noble Place, Arthur Street, Earl Street, Duke Street, Laidlaw Terrace, Teviot Road, Teviot Crescent, Buccleuch Street, Victoria Road, Carnarvon Street, Albert Road, Trinity Street, Sandbed and The Haugh.

Flooding is also likely to affect properties in Mansfield Road, Millport and Dovecote Street and along both sides of the river downstream of the cauld, including Upper Common Haugh and St George’s Lane.

Many roads will be impassable in and around Hawick.

A number of those who were evacuated overnight have now been relocated from the rest centre at Teviotdale Leisure Centre to stay with family/friends but an overnight plan for those remaining within the rest centre is being developed.

Hawick residents are being told to move their vehicles to higher ground in light of the forecast and rising river levels.

Further advice for residents is to stay away from flood water and do not take unnecessary risks. If you are affected or concerned about flooding please contact the emergency services.

Members of the public are urged not to go out to take photographs of rivers or flood water and stay clear of bridges in affected areas.

Newcastleton update: Information suggests this area is of high risk of flooding due to rising river levels close to 2005 levels. As a result, Police Scotland will be asking residents in affected streets to evacuate their properties. Residents should be ready for severe disruption.

A rest centre has been established in the village hall. Facilities will be in place there to accommodate those evacuated.

The Council’s emergency planning bunker continues to operate with multi-agency team, including the emergency services, in place to co-ordinate the response.

Jim Fraser, SBC’s Emergency Planning Officer, explained: “The upgrading of the flood warning to severe in Hawick and Newcastleton indicates the danger to life in these areas. Residents should follow the advice of emergency services, especially if they are asking you to evacuate.”