Warning issued over doorstep salesmen

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TERIES have been warned not to let strangers into their homes.

It comes after an elderly lady in the Wilton Glebe area was contacted by a man offering to buy spare gold.

She invited him in and sold a quantity of jewellery, but the police have urged householders to be wary when dealing with people on their doorstep.

A spokesperson said: “We would be cautious of allowing any stranger into your property. If you are unsure or looking for any advice then contact the local police station or a neighbour and ask them to come round.”

Meanwhile, townsfolk are being warned to be on their guard against telephone fraudsters claiming to be from the local Citizens Advice Bureau. Patricia Buckley, manager of Roxburgh and Berwickshire CAB, said: “I want to state very clearly that the CAB is not telephoning people at random to ask for their financial information.”

Anyone who receives a call should contact trading standards on 01896 823922.