Wardens to be used to slow down speeding motorists

TRAFFIC wardens may be used between Appletreehall and Burnfoot in a bid to slow down motorists.

The matter was raised once again at a recent meeting of Burnfoot Community Council and PC Steven Sutherland admitted they were looking into the possibility of increased monitoring on that particular stretch of road.

However, he said that the wardens would only be able to issue warnings to those breaking the law and would not be allowed to hand out fines.

PC Sutherland said: “I have been assured that we’ll get more coverage but we also have in place traffic wardens who can use speed guns.

“This would only be a traffic calming measure. Anyone found driving over the speed limit will only be issued with a warning, but we can get the wardens up to do static road checks with the hand held gun and that will at least give us an idea where we stand.”

PC Sutherland told the meeting that there are currently three traffic wardens trained in the hand held equipment.

Concerns have been raised in the past about motorists using the Burnfoot Road as a ‘rat run’ in and out of the town, while safety issues have previously been aired surrounding the speed of motorists on the Appletreehall road.

Members of the Community Council agreed to write to Scottish Borders Council to look into the prospect of more traffic calming measures being installed.