Visitors exit town as boy racers hit Common Haugh

Community leaders are demanding action after boy racers forced visiting camper vanners to leave the Common Haugh and to cut short their Hawick holiday.

The latest incident took place last Wednesday and local Welcome Host leader Jack Yallop says he’s concerned that “word of mouth” will result in fewer visitors using the allocated camper van spaces.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week, Mr Yallop said: “We are still getting complaints from visitors with camper vans about speed, noise and late-night antics from the boy racers.

“Hawick Welcome Initiative has been informed that a councillor and the police are taking action. We hope this will alleviate the problem as Hawick needs every visitor to be welcomed, happy with their visit and hopefully they will return again to enjoy our amenities.”

And a Mr Fickling, a regulsar visitor from Castleford, told the Hawick News: “It was extremely bad last week. It was horrendous. These kids were using the car park as a race track. It was unreal. I
am surprised no one was killed.

“Four visitors left the next morning saying they couldn’t put up with it another night. I really think this is a shame, it will spoil it. I think this camper van park is a great idea but something needs to be done before folk stop coming.”

Also concerned is ward councillor Stuart Marshall who told us: “It was disappointing to learn last week end that this problem has once again arisen and this week I have brought it to the attention of the police and I have no doubt that they, in turn, will be paying particular attention to this kind of behaviour.

“With an increase in camper vans and tourists now stopping overnight in the Haugh it’s absolutely essential that tourists are not having their visit spoilt by one or two individuals who decide to behave in such a reckless way.”

Inspector Carol Wood said: “I am aware of ongoing concerns in relation to this issue within Common Haugh and road policing officers have assisted local resources in providing additional attention to the area.”

She added:“A number of vehicles have been stopped in recent months for failing to obey road signs and for driving cars with minor defects and we will continue to monitor the area to respond to any issues which may arise.”