Village cops kept busy with thefts, imposters and feuds

A man claiming to be Billy Connolly and eggs being thrown at a house were just two of the incidents dealt with by police in Denholm over the summer.

In a presentation at last month’s meeting of Denholm Community Council, police revealed that they had responded to a host of calls from the village – and although no incidents were serious, officers were certainly kept busy.

It was in early July that police were called to the post office and a report of a man behaving in an unusual manner, while pretending to be world-famous comedian Billy Connolly. The police reported stated: “There was a call regarding a male behaving in strange manner, stating he was Billy Connolly. Male arrested, due to behaviour and being no fixed abode, taken to Borders General Hospital for assessment.” The man was deemed to be well, charged and held in police custody
to appear in court the next

Elsewhere, police were asked to attend an incident of eggs being thrown at a house in Ashloaning, which resulted in a man being spoken to. And at Denholm Mill, officers dealt with a situation betweem two warring neighbours.

On the outskirts of the village, another man, who had been residing at Riverside Caravan Park, was charged with causing damage to the on-site toilets. At Whitriggs Farm, a tractor tank was pierced and £160 litres of Red Diesel stolen. And a quad was stolen from Courthill Farm.

The police report also revealed that they investigated two possible horse-theft attempts. The first being the plaiting of a horse’s mane at Spittal Tower Farm – often a sign that an animal has been earmarked for theft. And another call centred around a response to a horse for sale.

The police report stated: “A suspicious male attended in relation to an advert placed regarding the sale of a horse. Police attended and the owner has upgraded security.”

The list of other crimes reported in the Denholm area included the theft of a green bin which was dumped at
the riverside, and a report of
a young man unconcious at
an event as a result of