Vigilance urged as police reveal thefts increase

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There were 25 reported thefts and crimes of dishonesty in the Hawick area in the last month and only eight have been solved by police.

These figures formed part of Police Scotland’s report to December’s meeting of Hawick Community Council.

And the report, which was given by PC Andy Loughlin, highlights the high priority given to thefts which were on the increase during November.

The Hawick and Denholm ward saw two reported thefts which included 750 litres of fuel and a sat nav system. Both werre stolen in the vicinity of Denholm.

Hawick and Hermitage was hit the hardest with 23 incidents of dishonesty, of which eight were solved.

The report stated: “There have been more reported thefts throughout November, both rural and urban, but it would appear they are being committed during the hours of darkness.

“It is important to stress that both the public and business owners should do all they can to secure their property.”

Police added that they are concerned at the number of thefts being reported from unsecured vehicles and outbuildings.

The report added: “Whilst this does not always prevent thieves, these basic security measures should be carried out as a matter of course. We urge both members of the public and business owners to contact their local community officer if they require any crime prevention advice. We have officers trained in this area who will be happy to help.”

Other figures show a further encouraging downturn in antisocial behaviour with 58 incidents reported over both wards in November, this compares to 84 in October and 99 in September.

Police carried out 37 stop-and-searches and all but three were negative with two resulting in the recovery of alcohol and one involving drugs. Eleven reported assaults in Hawick and Hermitage have resulted in five cases been solved. And out of 11 road checks, zero offences were detected. In Hawick and Hermitage police have solved one out of 12 reported vandalisms and in Hawick and Denholm out of the four acts of vandalism reported police have solved two.