Vertish Hill kids to receive Jubilee keepsake

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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be marked in many ways across the UK during the coming weeks, and young participants at the 131st annual Vertish Hill Sports will be treated to a slice of the celebrations.

Primary school children taking part in the procession up to the Vertish Hill will receive a souvenir coin to commemorate the jubilee in addition to their gift of £3.

The procession will begin at the Evergreen Hall at 12.30pm on Saturday, June 23 and follow the route of the High Street before advancing up to the Vertish Hill, where the sports will be held.

Upon reaching the summit of their climb, kids will be given £3 and a memento jubilee coin presented in a plastic wallet.

“It’s quite a nice thing that we’ve gone for,” said Frank Scott, Vertish Hill Sports Committee secretary. “We will give them the usual remuneration of £3 for walking and a small medallion that will commemorate the jubilee.

“The whole idea was to give the kids something extra.”

Plans for organisers to reward the estimated 400-500 youngsters with the official jubilee £5 coin were postponed after Mr Scott was advised that it could cost more than £5 to buy and itself may not be accepted by many retailers.

“It’s unbelievable that in the Queen’s jubilee we can’t do this,” said a frustrated Mr Scott. “But, we wanted to do something special for the jubilee. They’re still getting the same amount of money they’d walk for, but every child now gets a keepsake, too.”