Variety to fore at Stamp Club meet

The penultimate meeting of the Stamp Club’s season called for members to bring three sheets drawn from their collection and, as usual, what was displayed showed how varied are the interests of the local philatelists.

Monaco was featured showing the sheet layout for the 1891 issue, cancellations used in 1925 and a military hospital cover of 1914. As well as a Christmas issue from Australia, the stamps from ‘Down Under’ included a set first issued in 2009 then through to 2013 showing Black Caviar, a famous racehorse never beaten in 25 successive events in that period. For Zeppelin airship mail of the 1930s, stamps were issued by Tannu Touva (Tuvinskaya today), America, Germany and Egypt. In 1912 non-postally-valid stamps were produced prompting an International Stamp Exhibition in London, the examples shown included colour trials. Stamps displayed included such countries as Sierra Leone (1912-35), Belgium (1937), Germany (1951) and China (1974) from one member; another put up Nauru, 1916-23 when British stamps were overprinted for use, prior to those of 1924 and 1937 when the territory got its own issues; birds, pets, mammals and reptiles were on Malta stamps (2001-2006); and flowers were the images on the issues from many countries showing hazel, blackberry, hawthorn and raspberry.

The variety continued with Russian registered mail dates 1912 to 1916 with various rates, censorship and destinations; and a sequence of postcards entitled ‘The story of a ship and her master’ featured S.S Brussels (1902-16), S.M.S Bruge (1916-21) and S.S Lady Brussels (1921-29).

Showing the diversity of the collecting themes was a selection of American revenue stamps. Faced with the financial demands of the Civil War, in 1864 the Union government introduced a tax on a wide variety of items and services and these were used to show the tax had been collected.