Two fined as wardens turn up heat on dog owners

TWO dog owners were issued with fixed penalty notices (FPN) last month for failing to clean up after their pet.

The incidents happened in the Queens Drive area of Burnfoot and on the Waverley Walk.

An FPN was also handed out for littering in the Silverbuthall area.

In their report to the community council this week the wardens stated that they had dealt with 24 complaints; eight for dog fouling, four fly tipping/littering, four for dumped rubbish, two for vandalism, four antisocial behaviour and two boy racers.

Colin Mitchell, SB Warden, said: “The message to the public of Hawick is: Do you know the name of the person, if not a description of the person and their dog? Do you know where they live, if not where the fouling happened? What day it was, also what time? And is it a daily thing or every couple of days, or just now and again?

“The more information we get the better.”