Turnbull: ‘People should come along and not be afraid to ask questions’

Councillor George Turnbull is again calling for members of the public to be seen and heard at Tuesday’s Teviot and Liddesdale Area Forum meeting.

Attendance at the last forum was good and Mr Turnbull is keen to see a repeat turnout, increased councillor accountability and an end to

Talking this week, the Hawick and Hermitage Councillor said: “I was impressed by the turnout at the last meeting and I hope to see a similar number on Tuesday.

“ People should come along and not be afraid to ask questions. This is their area forum and I would urge people to use it.”

According to Audit Scotland the job of area forums is to “Scrutinise local impact and performance of Council and other services and the community planning process in their own locality”.

However, last year at least two meetings were cancelled due to a lack of business and according to Councillor Davie Paterson agendas need to be “made interesting” to capture an audience’s sustained attendance.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week, he said: “I was approached by a woman after the last meeting who told me that the presentations were too long and too much to take in. And to be honest I can see where she is coming from.”

Mr Paterson added: “I have written to Councillor Turnbull with my thoughts and hopefully he will take this into account. We need to make it worth folks’ while and we need to provide a platform from which they can have their say. Too many long presentations make folk switch off. We need to avoid that at all costs.”

Tuesday’s area forum takes place at 6.30 in room 305 at Tower Mill.

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