Trustees step down from Future Hawick group

Two trustees of the group charged with the regeneration of the town resigned this week.

In a letter to Future Hawick chairman Derick Tait, Project Hawick Facebook page founder Alastair Redpath, who lives and works in Glasgow, said he could no longer find the time to continue as a trustee and that he would be stepping down.

Also going is Helen Cunningham who was the driving force behind the bid to tidy up several shop fronts in the town and to trace absent and negligent owners.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week, Mr Redpath said almost all of his time was taken up working on Project Hawick: “I have various other interests in the town and no longer have the resources at this time to enable me to continue with Future Hawick.”

He added that since Project Hawick began in 2012 “it has grown arms and legs and takes up almost 80 or 90 per cent of my time”.

Speaking this week, Mr Tait said: “You have to remember that this is a voluntary organisation and folk have other committments. We are disappointed that both Helen and Alastair have stepped down. It is just the way of the world I suppose and especially with an organisation such as ours, but we do have several other people involved and one or two in the pipeline.”