Trust refuses to quash HoH rebrand rumours

Live Borders, the Galashiels-based trust which has taken over the running of the Heart of Hawick, has refused to rule out rebranding the complex.

Rumours have been circulating the town that the colourful Heart of Hawick logo is about to be axed in favour of the region-wide Live Borders branding.

And the plans have met with fierce resistance from town leaders who have raised concern over the potential cost of the exercise, and called for townsfolk to be consulted.

Facilities such as the Tower Mill cinema and cafe, as well as the Heritage Hub, fell under the Live Borders umbrella following last month’s agreement between Scottish Borders Council and Borders Sport and Leisure over the creation of an integrated trust which saw cultural services managed alongside the leisure and sport services previously provided by Borders Sport and Leisure for the council.

Provost Stuart Marshall said he had heard the rebranding rumours and that it was not a decision which should be taken lightly. He added: “I would hope that such an exercise would be undertaken with maximum consultation with the public and elected members.

“And I think that whatever is decided, the word Hawick needs to be to the fore. I would oppose any suggestion of any name change if it meant that the word Hawick is to be omitted. After all, Hawick is our identity and one which all of us are proud of.”

The provost added that he had asked for a meeting with Euan Jackson, the Live Borders chief executive, to find what was happening.

Mr Marshall’s sentiments were echoed by community council chair Marion Short who told us: “Heart of Hawick has become a recognisable brand name associated with Tower Mill and the Heritage Hub.

“So why are we trying to fix something that’s not broken?”

Mrs Short wondered how much it was going to cost to carry out the rebranding and lamented that once again Hawick seemed to be about to lose something synonymous with the town.

A Live Borders spokeswoman said: “We’ve not made any decision on anything yet – it’s all work in progress. We are working together and learning all about our services with our colleagues, all of which will inform our future collective decision making.”