Trooper has bone to pick

My name is Trooper and I am a dog and when I’m out ‘walkies’ my masters scoop my poop religiously but for some people in Hawick this is not enough and my masters are getting complaints on where I cock my leg.

Well they have checked and there is no law that prevents me peeing against any vertical surface, be it a tree, wall, fence, lamppost, car tyre, traffic cone or even the neighbour’s cat if it stands still for long enough.

And as for the gentleman who asked my master how he would like it if he peed on my house, well I live two up, and if he can do that he’s a better dog than me, Gungadin!


Just to say once more that the wonderful hard-working councillor, Stuart Marshall, has done it again. The grass opposite our house had not been cut for weeks and was a total mess.

As a result I phoned Stuart on Monday, July 4, and on Tuesday at midday the contractors for SBHA were there cutting it, in some manner. Once again, thank you Stuart – you do a great job.


Through your columns I would like to heap an enormous amount of praise on Richard Knight, Jamie Batten and everyone who was involved in the set up and running of this year’s Burnfoot Carnival.

This year’s event was, in my opinion, the best one there has been. Even a few showers couldn’t put a downer on the day.

The music was great to match the atmosphere and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves greatly, with a large turnout from local residents and from all over the town.

It was a great spectacle and everyone should be proud of themselves for supporting Burnfoot’s best day of the year.

I would finally like to encourage locals to try and help out for next year’s event. With more helpers and ideas together we could take the Carnival forward and make it even bigger and better.


Borders Holiday Group/Jumbulance would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support for our summer raffle and to the shops for their generous donations of gifts.