Trinity pupils are busy bees on Miller’s Knowes

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PUPILS at Trinity school have have gained top marks for their work towards achieving an enivornmental award by collecting seven bags of rubbish from the Miller’s Knowes.

Conservation is a key theme in the year-long John Muir Award, and the children previously visited the local landmark and saw it needed a clean-up. Wendy Paterson, a leader with Borders Environmental Education Services (BEES), which runs the project, said: “It’s not litter-picking for the sake of litter-picking, we can link this back to the curriculum, such as looking at the biodegradability of materials, and how this relates to caring and looking after nature.”

Keith Farnish, also from BEES, added: “I loved this mid-week adventure, it’s just such a joy to be working with children who are so enthusiastic about nature and learning”.