Transport from A to B

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The Stamp Club’s theme night was on the subject of transport with members producing philatelic examples covering all modes of going from A to B.

Stamps included images of vintage cars and locomotives from the Scottish island of Staffa; ships and fire engines from Australia; the many British issues showing the subject; convoy ships that took part in Operation Pedestal to relieve Malta in the Second World War; tanks from Poland; aeroplanes from Canada; cycling from Czechoslovakia; the Buenos Aires 1858 local issue of ships named ‘barquitos’, Spanish for little ships; a display from East Germany featuring everything from wheelchairs to space ships; and a group of horses, oxen, camels and elephants.

There were some fascinating commemorative covers including the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway; one posted underground at the Llechwedd Slate Caverns; Auckland Electric Tramway; a selection produced for the 50th anniversary of the Zeppelin LZ127s flight of 1931; 19th-century letters into Hawick by mail coach, by post boy and from Germany; and Gibraltar to Cadiz in 1841 with manuscript ‘estafeta’, Spanish for mounted courier.