Traders invited to talk High Street regeneration

High Street traders have been invited to Wednesday’s meeting aimed at kick-starting the regeneration of the High Street.

In a letter to traders and businesses, community council chair Marion Short highlights the fact that “Hawick had the lowest footfall of all the Border towns in 2013” and adds that “although we cannot do anything about current rents or rates, I would be really pleased if you were able to come along to tell us what you think we ought to be pursuing”.

The letter continues: “The community council met with some of the business community in July to try to come up with some suggestions about what we could do to help ourselves. We would like to be able to do something to help the town become more prosperous but it cannot do it by ourself and we would really value your views on what we may be able to do to improve our lot.”

Butcher James Pringle will attend the meeting and said: “Parking is an issue for us and footfall has dropped. If we had a Costa or a KFC on the High Street it would get people out of their cars and onto the pavement. This is what we need. And as far as many are concerned, the two-way traffic system worked well. But the damage has already been done.”

Jeweller Hamish Smith added: “Better signposting to let people know where the town centre is and traffic-calming measures would help. The traffic either drives along the street at 30mph or there’s a traffic jam. I will be attending the meeting.”

The meeting takes place in the lesser town hall at 7pm.