Townspeople ‘shocked’ by woman’s abusive manner

Selkirk Sheriff Court
Selkirk Sheriff Court

A drunken woman involved in a brawl with her partner during the Common-Riding has been fined £200.

First offender Sharon Takacs, 29, of Galalaw Road, appeared from custody and admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner in Rosebank Road on June 6.

“Both parties had taken considerable refreshment,” explained prosecutor Tessa Bradley.

“Hawick Common-Riding celebrations were ongoing and the area round about was very busy,” she added.

“At 7.10pm, the accused and her partner were walking into Hawick from the Moor. They were having an argument and shouting and swearing,” continued Ms Bradley.

“The public round about were shocked by the language and behaviour, which was so heated that cars were slowing down.

“She struck him on the cheek, and there was struggle, and she ended up rolling about on the ground, and they had to be split up by the police.”

Takacs told officers: “I stuck up for myself.”

Solicitor Iain Burke, defending, told Selkirk Sheriff Court his client was “very upset and distressed” about the offence. “She feels very ashamed,” he added.

Sheriff Derrick McIntyre fined Takacs £200, telling her: “This happened during the Common-Riding, and people shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of behaviour.”