Town proves perfect match for Salvation Army’s new leading light

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THE new face at the top for the Salvation Army in Hawick says she’s “settling in well” to life at the Croft Road citadel.

Lieutenant Caroline Brophy-Parkin and her husband Ian arrived in the town last month, taking over from Majors Steven and Elizabeth Turner.

Originally from Warrington, Mr and Mrs Brophy-Parkin have relocated from the Salvation Army’s William Booth Training College in London.

They received a warm welcome from the Hawick corps, with an induction meeting and a special service on the first Sunday after their arrivaal.

“We’re settling in really well,” said Mrs Brophy-Parkin. “The community have been very welcoming and friendly and helpful.”

The newly ordained 52-year-old minister has been involved with the Salvation Army for the past 30 years, while Mr Brophy-Parkin is a fellow member of the Salvation Army and also a self-employed plumber and property repairman.

They expect to reside at their new home in Herronhill Bank for some time.

Mrs Brophy-Parkin explained: “We’ll stay here indefinitely until the Salvation Army decide to move me on. It’s initially for three years but will more than likely be extended from that.

“It’s normal to move around. My predecessors were here for seven years.

“The Salvation Army move their ministers around to where they feel they’re best suited.

“You’re with a church for a time, then you’re moved on for somebody with different skills, so your skills can be used elsewhere.”

“We fill out a profile saying who we are and outlining our skills,” continued Mrs Brophy-Parkin. “The congregation will also have filled out a form to say what they are looking for, the kind of corps they are and what they need to lead them.

“A lot of prayer goes into it, and then you get matched up.”

And Caroline has high hopes for her new role. She said: “I hope to become part of the community, to do what God wants me to do within the community, and to be an example of Jesus’ love for people. I’m a people person, I like getting to know people, being part of the community and listening to people.”