Town bid for Garden of Rememberance

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A rare alliance between Hawick and Burnfoot Community Council has been formed in a bid to build a Rememberance Garden at Wilton Cemetery.

The unusual coalition has been confirmed following a special presentation at a meeting of the Hawick body last week, where Burnfoot vice-chairman Jamie Batten asked for their backing to create an area for ashes to be scattered.

And after showing initial plans and pictures of the proposed garden, which would be situated in the bottom right-hand corner of Wilton cemetery and include a sitting area and ornamental fence for memorial plaques, Hawick Community Council has agreed to give it their full support.

Chairperson Marion Short told the Hawick News: “This is something that we are keen to pursue as the cemetery is not just Burnfoot for people.

“We are setting up a sub-group and hope to have better plans drawn up, and will look at costings and possible funding.”

The idea was first mooted at the Burnfoot forum by former member Alec Martin more than three years ago, after community councillors had been informed that no new plots were available at Wilton Cemetery.

Various meetings have been held since and sketch proposals have been drawn-up by Scottish Borders Council, but Mr Batten visited Hawick Community Council in a bid to garner help and bring the project to fruition.

Speaking after his warm reception, he commented: “I was very encouraged by the response that I received.”

And highlighting the uncommon union between the two community councils, he added: “It is a great opportunity for members of Burnfoot and Hawick Community Councils to work together, something that used to happen in the late 80s and 90s.”

Mr Batten says has also received a letter from an elderly local resident pledging £500 towards the garden in memory of his late wife.

Mrs Short added: “This is a joint effort and we think it is a very worthwhile project.”

The newly-formed sub-group has organised to meet Mr Batten on-site tomorrow morning.

Local Councillor Stuart Marshall has also lent his full support to the proposal, stating: “This initiative can only be a fantastic opportunity to those who reside in Burnfoot and beyond.”