Totting-up takes its toll on uninsured motorist

When police stopped an uninsured driver they noticed a 2ft-long metal bar with a taped handle in his car.

Lukasz Gintowt told officers he had it for “security” and claimed it had been in the vehicle when he bought it.

The 29-year-old, of Dickson Street, was fined £650 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court and banned from driving for six months under the totting-up provision.

He was fined £200 when he admitted having an offensive weapon on the A7 near Selkirk on April 1.

Gintowt was also fined £450 and his licence endorsed with six penalty points when he admitted using the vehicle without insurance.

“Police on mobile patrol stopped the accused and when he opened the car door they noticed a metal bar between the driver’s seat and the open door,” explained procurator fiscal Morag McLintock.

“It was two-feet long and had a taped handle, and he said he had it for his security,” added the fiscal.

Defence solicitor Matt Patrick said his client had only purchased the car a few months before the offence. “He says the item was in the car and he knew it was there.” Mr Patrick added that the factory worker, who has a previous conviction for no insurance, hadn’t been able to afford cover at the time.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond told him: “You are going to have to start paying insurance, just the same as any other driver.”