Tory in Paterson’s sights

Davie Paterson rubbished a Tory by-election candidate this week, branding his green waste concerns nothing more then an “astonishing sound bite”.

Trevor Adams, who is a former Master of the Buccleuch foxhounds, is calling on the council to allow Zero Waste Scotland to carry out a review of the situation.

And in a press release issued this week, Mr Adams said: “I’ve already knocked on many doors in and around Hawick and Denholm so far in this campaign, and a lot of residents have expressed their anger at the withdrawal of the green waste collections.

“It was a service that was hugely valued across the Borders, and the SNP-led council’s decision to withdraw it was definitely a mistake.”

But Mr Paterson, Hawick’s longest-serving councillor hit back: “This is totally astonishing. It is a bit rich coming from the Tories who didn’t vote against the cuts, but for a delay to see if they could come up with an alternative. Well, they’ve had five months to come up with something and the best they can do is call for a review from Zero Waste Scotland. This is total nonsense.

“This is nothing more that a desperate sound bite for the doorstep. I’m truly astonished.”