Tornado Teri tells of shock sighting

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WHILE the weather was miserable over the grey auld toon on Saturday, it was considerably worse off the Berwickshire coast as one Hawick man and his family witnessed a tornado, writes Gavin Gibbon.

Fran Barker told this week of his absolute shock as he gazed from his caravan window at Pease Bay and saw the tornado (pictured) just a few hundred yards out to sea.

Mr Barker, who was at the popular seaside resort with his wife June, son Ryan, daughter-in-law Leigh and granddaughter Avia, told the Hawick News: “The weather was absolutely terrible. It was about 3pm and we were having a drink. It was my son Ryan who first noticed it and it just suddenly appeared and came shooting up right across the bay.

“It was the sort of thing you see on the television from other countries.

“I’ve been going there for about 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mr Barker, a caretaker at the town hall, even captured the moment on camera as he feared nobody would believe it.

The footage clearly shows the funnel-like shape whipping up the sea off the coast.

He added: “I’m just glad I had my camera with me so I could get it on film because folk will think I’d maybe had a little bit too much to drink and I was making it up.”