Time to stop wind farms

I READ with interest the feature in last week’s Hawick News regarding the latest wind farm ‘con’.

If the landowner cannot understand why this proposed development has ignited such opposition then it beggars belief.

This act of scenic vandalism will have a totally detrimental effect on our beautiful Borderland.

Wind farms are totally inefficient and the industry is only bolstered by large subsidies from the government and electricity consumers, namely us.

When politicians of all parties realise the expensive folly of windfarms and remove subsidies, will the industry survive?


THROUGH your columns I would like to ask the various bus companies what their policy is on allowing dogs onto their vehicles, because at the moment, I’m totally baffled.

As a regular walker with my two boxer dogs I quite often find myself taking the bus home from one of our regular jaunts.

Many times I have stopped in Denholm to enjoy lunch before boarding the bus back home and I’ve never had any problems – until Saturday.

I was curtly informed by the driver, who in my opinion was incredibly rude, that my dogs weren’t allowed on the bus and was told the decision was down to his discretion.

However, on being quizzed he later said it was company policy, before going on to give a variety of other excuses.

While I completely understand why drivers wouldn’t want dogs on the buses due to the potential for inconvenience to passengers, this is the first time anything has been said.

If a rule is put in place forbidding dogs then I, and others, will obviously make alternative arrangements, but until then, this inconsistency needs to be addressed.

And, in the meantime, it may be an idea for some of the drivers to take a lesson in manners.


I READ Jock Houston’s Soap Box (Hawick News, August 26) with interest and I agree I made a mistake by saying five of our councillors are on the Executive at St Boswells – they are on the ruling group.

It is a pity Jock doesn’t know the set-up of his own Authority.

He said there are two Hawick councillors on the Executive, when, in fact, there are three: George Turnbull, portfolio holder for education; Ron Smith, who shares the social work portfolio; then there is Jock himself, chairman of planning. When I asked the question, what have our councillors done socially and economically for the town since 2007, I did not receive an answer from Jock.

Sainsbury’s, with its 250 part-time, shifted, minimum-wage employees; then there is Wetherspoons; both concerns down to our councillors?


AS the dust settles on another Summer Festival, may I take this opportunity to offer my sincere congratulations to the organising committee for all their efforts in providing another hugely successful event.

Us outsiders have no idea of the amount of work which goes on, but we can say that it’s very much appreciated.


THE Friends of St Andrew’s Nursing home would like to thank everyone who supported the afternoon teas, which raised £405.30.


Staff and residents at Deanfield Residential Home would like to thank everyone who supported the summer fete, which raised £487 for the residents’ comfort fund. Everyone’s generosity is really appreciated.