Time to lighten up over quip

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I REALLY think that the vast majority of your readers would have read the recent comment by Frank Scott about dropping an unexploded wartime bomb in Galashiels and taken it as it was meant – tongue-in-cheek.

We all know that there’s always been a thing between Hawick and Galashiels to rib each other and it would be naive to think had the bomb been found in Galashiels that any local paper would not have turned the joke on Hawick.

But what is being underplayed here is the heroics of the dog. Look at the wider picture: the “hero hound” actually saved the Common-Riding. And by all accounts it was the best of a’.

This dog should have been given the freedom of the town or at the very least a big chewy bone (presented by the Cornet) as a reward.

You do wonder where the bomb came from, though? And why has it taken all these years to find it?

I suspect the hills are still littered with relics from training for the war at Stobbs and Alemoor and many other locations, but it is a surprise that this device has never been spotted before.

Back to Mr Scott’s comment, and I’m sure that many of your readers would agree, and all joking aside, that we are all Borderers in Hawick, Galashiels or any other local town, and as such we would unite arm in arm to help each other out.

We need to stop being so politically correct and lighten up a bit.