Time for Wilton Mills ‘eyesore’ to go, demands councillor

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Local councillor Stuart Marshall is calling for the “feet dragging” to stop and for the owner of the derelict Wilton Mills to demolish it quickly.

Mr Marshall says he is fed up with looking at the “eyesore” and is concerned that it paints Hawick in a bad light.

Speaking this week, the Hawick and Denholm councillor said he sees the mill on an almost daily basis and that property owner Gavin Stevenson needs to resolve the situation.

“It is a total eyesore and, to be honest, I have real concerns that youngsters playing in or around the area may be killed or seriously injured.

“This has been an ongoing issue since I became a councillor and it’s high time the feet dragging stopped and it was dealt with.”

Commenting on the situation, an SBC spokesperson said: “The position remains as per the previous statement. The owner has taken over the responsibilty for the scaffolding and discussions are continuing with the his solicitor with regard to sums which remain due to the council. We are not in a position to comment on what the owner’s plans for the building are.”

The Hawick News attempted to contact Mr Stevenson, but was unable to do so.