The Wreath Laying

The Wreath Laying
The Wreath Laying

CORNET’S Lass Kirsteen Hill has spoken of the honour she felt at being able to lay the wreath at Hornshole on Sunday.

With the proceedings bringing the chance for the Lasses to pay their respects at the special spot, it also represented the first of the Cornet’s Lass’s main duties.

And the 23-year-old, looking resplendent in a stunning black-and-white outfit, carried out one of the Common-Riding’s most sombre moments with great poise.

She told the Hawick News: “The wreath laying was a humbling experience and it was a real honour for me to be able to do it.”

Many townsfolk turned out to witness the special tribute paid by the Lasses, which on the stroke of 3pm saw the eight Principals line up, and the four female Principals step forward.

As silence fell and the Big Four looked on, Cornet’s Lass Kirsteen was handed the wreath and was accompanied to the front of the monument by the Right and Left-Hand Lasses and Acting Mother, all of whom were also immaculately dressed. After laying the wreath and pausing for a few moments as the poignant atmosphere of the historic spot descended, Kirsteen added: “At that point it really made me stop and think of all who fought and died at Hornshole. It was emotional, and such an important thing to do.” She added: “I was really pleased it went well.”

After the laying of the wreath the Cornet’s party were then driven to Hawick Moor, to walk around the course and inspect it for ‘Exhibition Sunday’ ahead of this weekend’s racing.