The Way I See It : By Darren Murphy

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SKY television is a luxury I can’t afford, me being a struggling writer and all! But, to be honest, I don’t watch enough TV to justify a hefty monthly bill. However, that said, the Doomsday Prepper’s programme which is being aired on National Geographic is one reality show I’d love to watch.

Yes, I know I’ve criticized reality TV before, and call me a hypocrite if you like, but I really think this must make great viewing.

The show features a mixture of people who are preparing for “the end of the world as we know it” and recently Stuart Fish, a Hawick man, appeared on an episode.

There are various reasons why people are preparing for the end of civilisation as we know it: ranging from war, nuclear incidents, pandemics, and even electromagnetic pulse. What?

Anyway, my favourite and what I believe to be the most probable event which changes the way we live our lives, is a global economic collapse. In fact, I’m that confident I’d wager £1,000,000 that the global economy implodes before an asteroid shatters the earth. Either way, I don’t think I’ll have to make that payment.

At the end of the day, nearly every fiat monetary system in the history of mankind has fallen at some point. Just look at what happened to ancient Rome’s currency when the greedy emperor Nero started reducing the silver in the Denarius.

And what’s money anyway, what is it backed by?

Truthfully, nothing. It’s just pieces of paper which we trust that we can use to exchange for things we need. It’s printed at such a pace you wouldn’t believe, in fact what you earn a week is probably printed in less than a second. Nero debased the Roman currency during harsh times, and compare that with what is happening now and you find a similar scenario. Poverty levels are increasing, unemployment is soaring, and large banks and corporate bond holders are being bailed out, only for them to continue operating as previously.

Economics is not a strong point of mine, but even I know that the more money in circulation the weaker it becomes.

Now I’m far too ill-informed to harp on more about the state of world economics, so let’s get back to the preppers and, in particular, Mr Fish.

I would love to spend a day learning from this guy, a self-taught survivalist. In fact, after reading a recent article, I was rather envious of his skill set.

He can make his own fishing equipment, animal traps and has a home-made bow and arrow. He is an accomplished shelter-maker and very adept at surviving in the wilds. I’m no stranger to catching fish, truth be told I’ve probably caught the biggest fish in Hawick. (That’s a fisherman’s lie by the way). The thing is, when I go fishing I use modern equipment, there is no way on earth I could catch fish any other way.

Roaming in the countryside is one of my favourite pastimes, and I love nature and everything it entails. However, there’s no way I could survive in the wild for long. I just wouldn’t know how.

While some may scoff at the doomsday preppers for their beliefs, I, for one, would much rather be in the satisfying position of knowing I could get by if the world were to change dramatically.

Then again, I don’t even make my bed most mornings, so how on earth could I prepare for the end of the world?

Here’s my advice, though: store some of your wealth in gold, you might just need it to buy a fish from Stuart one day!