THE WAY I SEE IT #6 : By Darren Murphy

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ADDICTION, it’s a horrible word isn’t it?

Addictions ruin lives, most of us know someone or at least know of a person who has battled with an addiction during their life. The thing with addiction is it can affect anybody: rich, poor, fat, thin, young or old. Addiction has no bias; it will affect anybody who lets it.

If you have read the newspapers or watched the national news lately, you might have witnessed the disturbing case of Hans Kristian Rausing.

If not all you need to know is that this is a man who has just been given a suspended jail term for denying his wife Eva the chance to be given a lawful burial. Hans is an extremely wealthy man, yet he and his unfortunate wife succumbed to the temptation of crack cocaine which proved to be catastrophic for this couple. I’m sure you will agree this is a prime example that anyone can be blighted by addiction.

Even if you are asking yourself, why?

Why would a couple with enough money to have anything they want let a disastrous addiction to drugs ruin their lives?

Drugs aren’t the only problem, though. Very different people can become overwhelmed by different addictions. Gambling, alcohol, sex, food, shopping, eating and even exercise all have one thing in common – they can all become addictive.

Some more so than others and some are obviously more harmful to your health and wellbeing than others. However, an addiction to any of the mentioned subjects can have a devastating effect not only on the individual but on each and every person involved with them. Addictions tear families, friends and sometimes even entire neighbourhoods apart.

It’s a well-documented fact that the first step to overcoming an addiction is by admitting that one cannot control one’s addiction or compulsion. I’m going to use this method to try and help myself, so here goes, it’s about to get a little personal.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Darren and I am a Google-aholic.

God that makes me feel so much better knowing I’m now on the road to recovery as that was the first step. Don’t act so surprised, though, I’m not the only Goggle-aholic out there, it’s a spiralling addiction and expanding at an alarming rate. The introduction of smart phones has seen the number of people addicted to Google rocket.

If you really don’t understand what I’m talking about or if you have lived on the moon for the past 15 years, Google is an internet search engine and it knows EVERYTHING!

Googleism is a damaging addiction that can completely take over a person’s life. Google is a Google-aholic’s Bible, and an addict of this kind uses Google to survive. There is no longer a need for a doctor, simply typing your symptoms into Google is enough. There is no need to search in books for information, the Lord Google has it all.

The pub quiz is a daunting event for a Google-aholic, and the giveaway you have an addict of this kind at your quiz is when all 100 questions are answered correctly, even the one about how to drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it!

Then there are the smart-arse Goggle-aholic’s, and this is a category I fall into. This type of addict spends at least two hours of every day typing bizarre questions into Google just to simply learn material that will make them sound intelligent. But I’m sure there will come a day when my girlfriend, flatmate and friends all decide they are sick of listening to my boring facts!

There you have it, folks, I’m now hopefully on the road to recovery and you’ve all learned a little about addiction, particularly Googleism.

Wish me luck in my fight against this dreaded addiction.

Oh and by the way, it would take a lot more than a single raw egg to crack a concrete floor, concrete is hard stuff, remember. Must dash I just seen a bird from my window and have no idea what it was, Google will, though. I’ll just have one more look, one last fix.