The Way I See It #38 : by Darren Murphy

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Are you concise enough to be understood in the maximum 140-character world of Twitter? #areyou?

Sending a tweet is much easier than writing this blog every week, and maybe the editor has considered restricting me to 140 characters! Even though; I’m not entirely sure if I am concise enough to be

understood with an unlimited amount of graphemes. Whether you use Twitter or not, it’s difficult

to assume it has escaped your attention. Twitter is everywhere, bus stations display Twitter profiles on the walls and tweet late arrivals and departures. Most newspapers have Twitter accounts, as do the journalists who work for them. Television shows rarely finish without a Twitter profile name appearing in their end credits, where people debate and critique the show in question. Celebrities have public meltdowns on the site. Businesses market themselves extensively. Musicians, artists and writers all use the social network phenomena to express themselves and to try and gain a following. Even the Pope is partial to the odd tweet.

I’ve become a huge fan of Twitter as it’s actually become a very useful tool for me. Firstly, if it exists in the real world, then someone will be talking about it on Twitter. In my case, as an aspiring author, it’s provided me with the chance to communicate with other budding writers around the world.

It’s given me the opportunity to talk openly about writing fiction, receive advice and give my own to other writers. What’s more, it’s opened a window of possibility for not only writers, but all the creative arts.

Another reason I think the site has achieved as much success is because of the celebrity tweeters and the fact it’s created a link between sports stars, musicians, authors and their fans. There is now an element of accessibility, and how else would I become friends with Irvine Welsh if it hadn’t been for Twitter. Okay, so him acknowledging one of my tweets and hitting the favourite button doesn’t exactly make us friends, but you catch my drift?

Another great thing about Twitter is you can publicly denounce people such as Piers Morgan. Although it’s not that easy to do a convincing job on Morgan with only 140 characters!

Don’t get me wrong, though, Twitter isn’t without its problems and irritations, and by that I mean the people who tweet things like: Just boiled the kettle #tea!

Or how about: Comfy in bed, but bursting on toilet. #worstthingever!

No, it’s not the worst thing ever, some people don’t even have a bed so stop being so ridiculous.

Then you get the football fan who tweets 30 times during the same game. Wait a minute, that’s actually me! #sorry!

Twitter-mania isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and is part of everyday life to millions, especially those in the information industry as news seems to

filter on Twitter faster than anywhere else. It has to be said, though, that not all of the news is entirely accurate. It’s almost like the Daily Sport editorial team have taken over some days, not that I read the Daily Sport, of course. #ijustlookatthepictures