The Way I See It #37

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It IS hard to imagine what Bostonians went through on Monday, which was supposed to be a carnival of fun as they celebrated Patriot’s Day and the renowned Boston Marathon. Tragically, the mindless actions of those intent on creating carnage ensured the day will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. A day when Boylston Street looked more like a warzone than the middle of one of the world’s most iconic cities.

The targeting of innocent civilians the the intent of killing and maiming as many people as possible is abominable.

The moment I learned of the bomb blasts in Boston, I switched straight to a news channel on my television and began to follow the rapid amount of information and misinformation that was swelling on social network Twitter. Immediately there were tweets indicating that it was a terrorist attack carried out by Muslims. Now I understand why some people would jump to these conclusions, it is possible that an extremist Islamic group or individual may be behind the attacks. However, it’s also entirely viable that it was a domestically-motivated attack or simply the work of a lone madman.

Muslims the world over will be hoping the perpetrator(s) are not of the Islamic faith, simply because the demonization of the entire religious group, due to the actions of an extremist minority. I’ve written about my disgust at the treatment of Muslims before, only to be ignorantly tagged as unpatriotic. Truth is I understand different cultures and know that there are good people in all walks of life regardless of their religion or ethnicity. There was an outpouring of compassion for the victims of the Boston bombs, and rightly so. I must admit, though, it brought home to me how little affinity is shown towards people from other cultures. As the very same day, insurgents in Iraq set off car bombs in several cities killing more than 50 people.

What happened in Boston was truly awful, and the perpetrator(s) are nothing but evil. My thoughts are with all Bostonians who have had to endure this horrific act of terrorism.

What really angered me on Monday, though, was the constant stream of racist and prejudiced bile that began to appear not only on the social networks but also on live television. Indeed, some of the comments I heard and read were from people who appeared to be using the explosions in Boston purely as an excuse to spout their racist, xenophobic nonsense.

The attack in Boston made us all too aware of terrorism again, although atrocities similar to Monday’s happen on an almost daily basis. Regardless of who was responsible for the cowardly attack, the powers-that-be never seem to get to grips with the implications of the continued onslaught by America and its allies, which happens on a much more frequent basis than attacks on American and British soil.

And as such, isn’t it about time the latter issue was addressed once and for all?